Extended retention and efficient memorization

The average attention time for a TV advertising is 30 seconds. The one of an online advertising pop-up type or in a magazine is less than 2 seconds.
By playing, the audience remainss between 2 to 30 minutes in contact with a brand. Retention of this magnitude allows to optimize the brand awareness and to transmit a quality message.

Michigan State University had showed that gaming increased the information memorization factor. In such, the gamer memorizes up to 10 times more information. More, memorization is quicker and deeper than the television advertising viewer.

Serious game makes easier the transmission of more complex messages without boring a captive audience who will remind better the message specifications.

Interactivity and maximum implication

Serious games allow to know the audience very accurately. Players are implicated in the recreational activity and thus, are more receptive to the message and identify the brand better. The European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) showed that a marketing campaign with an online campaign increases the purchase intentions significantly.

The Gamer activity is saved and allows, after a deep analysis, to determine categories, behaviors, habits… As a marketing tool, serious game offers an additional opportunity to segmentation .

High customization and creation of information

Serious game is totally customizable. As for the new brand than the targeted audience, the serious game is adapted to the brand requisites and objectives. The content of the the searched information is formalized in their definition to collect data during the campaign. Once processed, the raw data become high qualified information.

Attractive and non-intrusive advertising

Few internet users clic on the banners. This advertising format gets a relative effectiveness.
In inserting advertising content in entertaining program, the audience is not annoyed . On the contrary, it enjoys to take an active part in the advertising.

This type of advertising reinforces positively the image capital of the brand.

The “word of mouth” virality

According to Wikipedia, 90% of the gamers who have received a “challenge ” from a friend, have played the game and sent back the result to their friend.

An entertaining application is much more attractive to share than a conventional advertising. Serious games provide a platform to take advantage of the “word of mouth” and allow to target a wider audience.

Generate traffic

By proposing a game, the brand will generate an additional traffic on the website and will increase the online window “awareness”. In addition, it allows to promote more detailed messages (institutional or other.).

Play online: the most popular activity

In 2007, 34% of the grew-upt internet users in the US were playing online at least once a week. Among the online entertaining activities, online gaming surpasses other activities such as watching a video clip (29%) or using a social network (19%).

Despite the growing popularity of sites such as YouTube®, Facebook® o MySpace®, online gaming remains in first position. Even more, the activity had a 79% grothw rate between 2006 and 2007.

Casual gaming in 2007

source: Park Associates - Casual Gaming Market Update

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