Publicidad Interactiva y Advergame: serious gema de soyculto

Interactive advertising & Advergame

Interactivity and communication

Interactivity introduces a duality concept in communication.

An interactive communicación/advertising includes the recipient and offers him means and autonomy to act. Nowadays, the collaborative models are the most populars social media but would not exist without interactivity.

Historically, communication and advertising formats were unilateral and static. It was therefore necessary to add a feature enabling the recipient to act on communication (otherwise take part of it).

Interactivity took many forms over time. The medias democratization encouraged its growth. With the latest technology progress , interactivity became more important than ever as the communication recipient became a user.

Advergame: Communicating by games

Game is in its nature an interactive activity.

Advertising games, advergame, are new communication supports that mix advertising, interactivity and entertainment. Advergame provides a continuous exposure of the brand on the audience.

Advergames can be used in addition of a traditional campaign or as an independent campaign.

Advergames benefits

Advergames have many benefits both for the advertiser and the targeted audience.

  • Thanks to a long lasting exposure, the audience memorizes more information,
  • The advertiser can pass on more complex messages without boring the audience,
  • Allow to collect a lot of information to know the targeted audience more accurately ...

An important advantage that offers the advergame is no doubt the amusement that it brings to the player.

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