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Online & "Below The Line" Marketing

“Below The Line” Marketing

BTL marketing (or Below The Line) proposes to orient marketing actions to a targeted public to promote and communicate. Staying out of massive medias, BTL marketing uses “non conventional” channels to communicate direct with the appropriate audience or segment. Among the many BTL medias, we can mention the following:

  • Internet & extranet
  • patronizing & sponsoring
  • direct marketing (email, sms, snail mail…)
  • Ludic and interactive marketing
  • social marketing
  • events (congresses,meetings, trainings…)
  • merchandising (packaging, PLV…)
  • Upselling & crosselling

BTL marketing offers a low cost (and evaluable ROI) method for communication diversification, transmitting more complete (and complex) messages, and targeting more precise segments.

Online marketing: Internet as part of the mix

Online marketing uses internet and connected medias to drive communication and/or promotion actions.

Internet is the communication media with the best growth rate in the last years/decade Every day, more Internet users get connected, and Web use takes more and more time in the daily life.
Tool used for both professional and personal needs, Internet is now a critical element to take into account in a marketing communication plan.
Internet offers promotion solutions which can complement the marketing-mix or advertising-mix of a campaign or even replaces it completely.

Controlled Investment and quick ROI

Use Internet for Marketing and Advertising actions leads to benefits for the advertisers :

  • Reduced production time (allow to free productive resources),
  • Investment proportional to ad exhibition (Investment depends on the volume of actions – ex: effective clicks realized),
  • Targets an interested and large audience (ex: Internet advertising can be very precise in terms of segmentation and associated exhibition),
  • Low risk (Ideas can be tested, limit campaign investment to a determined sum…),
  • Quick Results (public response can be assessed directly on the website traffic or sales. If a campaign works, traffic and sales will rise).

Online advertising: Attract and convert

If attracting the audience on a website is the first priority, making sure that the public acts on (buying, subscribing…) must be the second one. That is why it is important to take into account the landing page attractiveness as well as the ad itself. Quick ROI depends on both aspects.

Promotion methodology

In order to be successful in an online marketing or advertising campaign, Soyculto proposes a five- step methodology:

  • Target(s), searched positioning and promotion budget definition,
  • Online promotion solutions and media plan proposal and validation,
  • Campaigns creation and media plan launch,
  • Operations follow up, adjustments and reporting.

The internet promotion and advertising service includes the set up of a traffic monitoring system. Then, the results will be evaluated with accuracy.

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