Identify, Evaluate, Orient

Business audit & diagnostic

The business diagnostic and audit process proposes to:

  • identify the critical information sources,
  • evaluate the collection and storage processes,
  • orient the process optmization,
  • improve the collection systems and
  • create conditions for data processing.

The process is designed to “take a picture” of the organization both internally and externally. It aims at directing the manager in the definition and launch of:

  • a strategy,
  • a politic,
  • an activity,
  • a process,
  • an operation

Business diagnostic and audit are fed from internal information as well as external information. They are the first 2 steps in the construction of a business intelligence generation process in the organization.

The value of internal information

In its operations and activities, the organization generates data. Sources are numerous and every department or team in the organization contributes to create data thru the:

  • sales reports,
  • Accounting and financial statements,
  • Production and logistics documents ,
  • Employees activity reports…

The data quality depends on the way they are collected (internal processes) but also on the way they are stored (Data warehouse, ERP…) to be easily processed.

This is from this data processing that are extracted information to contribute to the business intelligence generation.

Importance of external information

Every organization interacts with a sum of internal and external actors. Having a commercial (or any other) objective, the external environment knowledge is a key success factor.

The external information comes form many sources such as :

  • customer information,
  • competition,
  • partners,
  • legal environment,
  • macro and micro economic environment

As the environment, this knowledge is in constant evolution . Getting regular external data allows, through a strict analysis, to obtain a high value information to improve this knowledge and the decision making process.

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