Growing by using business intelligence

Business intelligence and growth

Business intelligence and growth

The business intelligence offers a set of accurate information to support and simpligy the decision making. Thanks to a more efficient decision-making process, the organization is better prepared to identify opportunities, prevent risks and grow.

Business intelligence is the result of a process which integrates the understanding of the organization (in both internal and external contexts), analyzes the current and future situation, and incorporates the managements objectives and goals. It consists in selecting, storing and organizing either open or “hidden” knowledge in the organization, the market or the environment. It relies on processes and tools to collect data, extract information and reveal the intelligence.

Growth comes from the use of business intelligence. It facilitates the decision making and allows to identify opportunities. Better informed, the manager has an advantage over the competition and can meet faster his objective.

Soyculto’s business intelligence solutions

Soyculto, as a partner for growth, has incorporated the business intelligence in its solutions. Presented in an independent format or as complementary parts, the business intelligence solutions from Soyculto cover services such as:

  • Business audit and diagnostic,
  • Market study,
  • Solution positioning,
  • user and target profiling,
  • Business & action planning,
  • Project and new venture management,
  • Business or IT processes and strategy,
  • Due Diligence,
  • Statistics & datamining.

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