CIT & Growth: Mind Map of the presentation

Mind Map of CIT & Growth presentation

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation about the use of Internet in order to reinforce Business Growth (available in Spanish only) in the Marketing commission of the French-Argentinean Chamber of Commerce and Industry(CCIFA).
Among the participants, there was the people from SIGNOS, and they have taken notes in an original format: the Mind Mapping.

While celebrating our partnership, they sent me theirs notes that I share with you here.

CIT & Business Growth

CIT & Growth: Mind Map of the presentation

Mind Map of CIT & Growth presentation

Download the CIT & Business Growth Map in pdf
Watch the original spanish presentation in slideshare or scribd

¿How to Read This Map?

You may read it from the center up to the borders. The further away from the center, the more detailed is the information. The secondary ideas should be read in the clockwise sense; Each dependency is read in a lineal way. Please note that some ideas are linked even if they are not in the same category. You should consider these links as hyper-links that allow you jump from a concept to another, the same way we all do daily on the Internet.

More Details About Mind Mapping

The visual representation of the information, as it is proposed by the Mind Mapping, allows to extract key ideas of a discourse (or any kind of information) so it can be shown in graphical and non-lineal way on a sigle page. This powerful tool proposes to stimulate both brain hemispheres to augment idea incorporation and the overall comprehension,

What do you think about this presentation of the conference? Did you know Mind Mapping before?
Please share your ideas and suggestion while leaving a comment.

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