Corporate Companies

Corporate companies, whether they are multinational or not, stand out thru their economic leadership and a huge visibility. They are usually well informed about any management matters and attract many talents. If the operational excellence and management efficiency are daily concerns in corporations, they encounter many issues and problematics that cannot always be addressed correctly.

Solutions to corporate company growth and problematics solving

Solutions to corporate company growth and problematics solving

We know about your problematics

The founders of Soyculto have led careers in corporate companies in which they have acquired knowledge to identify and understand the problematics of a large company. Soyculto also relies on collaborators who have contributed in corporate companies or multinational subsidiaries. All these assets allow us to recognize a wide range of issues and problematics, among which we can mention:

  • Pressure to increase margin/profitability,
  • Difficulty in expanding/maintaining the market share,
  • Marketing and operation cost reduction,
  • Respect of the corporate scoreboard and directives,
  • Overload and bad exploitation of internal information (accounting, sales…) for decision making process,
  • Lack of quality in external information (market, economics…),
  • Shortage of productive and operational resources,
  • Benchmarking and reactivity in front of competition,
  • Necessity to re-invent and consolidate the market leadership,
  • Constant Restructuring process / Organization instability,
  • Low flexibility and weight of the processes,
  • Responsibility Dilution,
  • Duty of formalization of monitoring & reports,
  • High productivity tools rotation,
  • High market visibility and exposition(originals or new),
  • Complication to increase awareness and manage notoriety,

Soyculto offers to corporate customers a wide range of solutions to help them grow, to solve issues and upcome the competition.

We bring you growth solutions

Our experience in corporate companies helped us to acquire knowledge to identify the issues with accuracy. By creating Soyculto, we developed solutions to efficiently answer these problematics. Our ambition is to provide our customers with our expertise in areas such as:

  • Marketing

    • Realization of direct or interactive marketing campaign (BTL),
    • Design and implementation of recreational marketing strategy ,
    • Promotional and communication activities fulfillment (online, offline),
    • Sales incentive program for channel and customers,
    • Marketing actions and Marketing mix planning,
    • Digital Marketing solutions development (web site, Search engine marketing, email…),
    • Creation and consolidation of social media activities,
    • Notoriety management
  • Business development

    • Demand generation on the customer and prospect bases,
    • Competitive Benchmarking and reactive planning,
    • Opportunity exploration and corporate venture building,
    • Audit / Optimization of commercial efficiency (including pre- and post- sales),
    • Opening of New commercialization channel,
    • Sales tools Creation / re-formulation…
  • Intelligence

    • Business intelligence process creation and management,
    • Satisfaction and market study fulfillment,
    • Local and extra-local competitive analysis
    • Business unit and activity Business planning definition…
  • Organization and systems

    • Productivity tools creation and restructuring,
    • Operative process optimization,
    • Information systems and monitoring dashboards

Highly customized solutions for you

Soyculto’s team, thaks to its experience, perfectly knows corporate companies concerns. To cope with your objectives of growth and sustainable profitability, Soyculto offers unique marketing and business intelligence solutions.

The methodology we use, and the flexibility of the platform we exploit, allow the agency to offer completely customized services which meet the most specific needs of corporate companies.

Soyculto, as support or interface, can work either direct with your marketing department or indirect with your marketing agency.

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