Acquire and retain customers

Email & direct marketing

Direct & Email Marketing

Direct Marketing objective is twofold. It offers a way to distribute an information using a “(semi) private” channel to attract and retain customers.

Possibly part of wider marketing mix, an orientated and non public communication can pass thru one or more media:

  • Online : e-mailing, social media, mobile marketing…
  • Offline : mailing, telemarketing, telesales, couponning…

The message customization allows to increase the direct communication performance.

By incorporating a performance evaluation characteristics, Direct marketing has a true advantage that makes this media one of the most efficient and accurate means to communicate, promote products ans generate sales.

Email marketing: cost efficient and fast media

Email marketing channel combines the benefits of direct marketing with those of technology.

Email marketing is a communication media which is :

  • flexible,
  • cost efficient and solid,
  • fast.

Taking advantage of technologies, email marketing offers advanced measurement, follow up and performance monitoring options. Using tools and indicators (like Click Thru Rate), it is possible to determine the reading ratio and action results for each campaign.

More, thanks to its large flexibility, the email can be customized both in the substance and format .By directing the communication more precisely , it is possible to better direct the message and stimulate the results.

Email unit cost is minimal and delivery is almost instantaneous. By adding increased information and customization, the results on the ROI are obvious.

Improving segmentation

The insertion of indicators in every mail allows to increase the quality of the information at the individual level (recipient). These features are useful to improve contact/customer databases segmentation or to complete a business intelligence process.

Successful Email marketing

Soyculto email marketing solution is based on elements necessary to maximize efficiency. Thus, we propose the fololwing services:

  • Contact database creation, maintenance and segmentation,
  • Provider and technical solution selection ,
  • audit of ISP reputation ( internet service provider),
  • Mail design (to increase the rates of receipt),
  • Spam score benchmark,
  • Advanced planning,
  • Content and editorial line improvement,
  • Campaign testing and sending,
  • Campaign reporting.

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