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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process aiming to increase qualitative, quantitative traffic and improve positions in Search engine results.
It is made to improve both online assets (website, blog…) and brand visibility to your targets.

Soyculto helps you to have Search Engine :

  • Considering and indexing your pages
  • Considering your contents relevance and credibility
  • Evaluating their renown and popularity

Soyculto is in charge of such operations as

  • Indexing strategy Definition and Deployment
  • Technical and Marketing Audit/Advising
  • Keywords Research and semantics analysis
  • Technical Optimization and On-Site Marketing
  • Content Portfolio Management & Enhancement
  • Implementation and operation of off-site promotions
  • Results follow-up

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is the most performant digital channel when it comes to ROI. It provides efficient ways to attract, seduce and convince your prospects about your products/services.

We implement personalized and automated campaigns for several purposes such as promotional, institutional, transactional or conversational…

Soyculto takes care of

  • Contact database segmentation and management
  • Personalized messages Development
  • Impacting email design and development
  • Specific segment broadcast and programming
  • Automatic sending sequences creation/li>
  • Constant campaigns performance Measuring and Adjustment

Search Engine Marketing (SEM PPC):

Search Engine Marketing (SEM PPC)

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Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click(SEM PPC) uses paying adverting campaigns or sponsored links via Google Adwords, Bing Advertising, Yahoo Advertising…. It aims to attract new clients and increase traffic.

From Advertising Conception to ongoing optimization, going thru campaigns creation and management, Soyculto is by your side.

Soyculto helps you to

  • Create and configure advertising accounts
  • Select targeting options (Keywords, Partners Websites…)
  • Write your messages and advertisement
  • Manage and Optimize your campaigns
  • Analyse and oct on key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Advise to optimize performance

Social Media

Social Media

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Social Media Marketing aims to strengthen the Company-Audiences relationship. It is all about establishing a direct, personalized yet massive conversation.
We use social networks to promote, communicate and interact with all the markets actors. We put your brand into the light and take care of your online reputation.

Soyculto helps you to

  • Define social media objectives, stakes and policies
  • Implement automated listening processes
  • Create Social Networks assets
  • Insure a Reactive and Proactive Community Management
  • Maintain editorial line and manage interactions
  • Segment communities
  • Measure campaigns Ongoing Performance

Performance Measure (Analytics)

Performance Measure

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ROI analysis and marketing actions performance are both key to show our strategy impact.

Our analysts have the necessary skills to evaluate your activities, estimate your results and orient you toward better decisions.

Our experience in actions follow up and analysis is useful in

  • Dashboard implementation
  • Regular reporting (real time, on weekly or monthly basis)
  • Data Interpretation and help in decision making
  • Report creation to clearly communicate results and conclusions

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

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By developing and broadcasting useful, interesting and unique contents, you can attract and retain your target audiences. Moreover you are able to orient your publics toward the buying act.

Our editorial specialists use their writing, technical and creative skills to provide an high added-value contents.

We base our editorial follow-up on

  • Content creation according to buying cycle (generate trust and interest, educate, convince, seduce, retain…)
  • Content adaptation on different formats (white paper, blog, video, success story, infography…)
  • Editorial line and calendar implementation
  • Contents analysis and optimization according to performance indicators

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

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Conversion capacity of your marketing assets is a key dimension in your inbound performance.

Our pluridisciplinary team offers a constant improvement approach. To do so, we apply the best practices in terms of conversion optimization. We run extensive tests (A/B test) to validate marketing hypothesis with publics and improve profitability.

Our conversion specialists take care of

  • Audit of your assets potential conversion
  • Implementation of testing calendar
  • Operating ongoing A/B or Multivariate tests
  • Follow-up of Data Analytics and results interpretation
  • Reporting and conclusions drawing…

User Experience

User Experience

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User Experience UX is an integrating concept which includes design, technology, content, along with your brand objectives in order align your marketing assets along with your visitors expectations.

Our UX architects create marketing pieces offering intuitive and efficient experience to your publics. These assets provides quick response to their needs and intents (information research, purchase, interaction,…). They also boost trust and enhance brand positioning.

Our UX specialists are helping you with

  • UX audit (applications/website, mobile, landing page, e-mail, advertisement banner…)
  • Design and development of efficient marketing assets
  • Coordination of the different expertises
  • Test to focus groups
  • Implementation of ongoing evolutions…
  • el test en focus groups
  • la implementación de las evoluciones futuras y continuas
  • el seguimiento analitico y la interpretación de los resultados

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