Targeting external clients

External communication goes far beyond advertising.

Marketing & External Communication

Marketing & External Communication

According to the searched objectives, the organization targets its external customers by selecting the most appropriate media. We can mention the following external customers:

  • customers,
  • prescribers ,
  • opinion leaders,
  • communication media,
  • institutions

Soyculto offers to develop strategies, programs and actions of communication to target the external clients with the best efficiency . We rely on a set of resources , marketing techniques and tools which allow the message to be heared by the the audience with success.

Marketing tools and resources

Various formats / Various actions

External communication can take many formats.
Considering the communication objectives and the company audience, we develop the messages and select the best marketing and communication resources. According to the needs, we can use chanels either online or offline , classic or original in order to consolidate the marketing plan and acheive an efficient communication. Indeed, we can activate many media:

  • Internet communication (web2.0, Social Media, communities…)
  • Internet advertising (SEM, PPC, SEO…)
  • Interactive communication (Serious Gaming, recreational…)
  • Point of sales communication (Packaging, Merchandising…)
  • Direct communication (snail mail, Email marketing…)
  • Mobile & phone communication (telemarketing, telesales…)
  • events and sponsoring

The success of a communication is linked to its planning as well as its implementation and follow up. We offer to incorporate elements to collect data re the campaign efficiency in every communication action. Then, these data will be useful in the business intelligence process to improve segmentation, prepare the next campaign

Connected communication platforms

Some of our communication actions can go thru the use of technical platforms to acheive the defined objectives. Soyculto, along with Web724, offers efficient and productive multicanal communication solutions based on platforms and systems such as:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management),
  • Portals and CMS (Content Management System),
  • E-commerce,
  • Digital documents management,
  • Multicanal automated Communication (mail, sms, instant messaging, phone…),
  • E-learning,
  • Serious Gaming (Advertgame…).

Solution Illustrations

Soyculto’s team is committed to offer unique solutions that correspond to the particular context of each customer. Below we list some examples of solutions of external communication:

  • Online point of sales (online shop) with catalog management, inventory and payment system,
  • Newsletter and customer personalized promotion management system,
  • Portal with information publication control,
  • Communication event site with Serious Gaming ,
  • Collaborative communication Interface (support, customer forum, Faq…),
  • Intelligent marketing campaign management system…

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