Incorporate Inbound Marketing
Attract your Next Clients

“By Incorporating Inbound Marketing, you’ll adopt efficient approach to business growth. The approach aims to drive you a continuous flow of opportunities, to boost conversions and to increase sales performance.”

Inbound Marketing Approach

The inbound marketing is a modern, non intrusive and efficient marketing approach.

Boosted by emergence of the digital media, it offers performing marketing channels which are both economic and rich in analytics data.
Based on impacting contents, easily accessible for your potential clients, Inbound Marketing helps you initiate your commercial interactions.

Inbound Marketing activities tend toward:

  • Establishing a direct relation with prospects
  • Helping them understand their problematics
  • Educating them
  • And informing them about solutions you could bring them.

It’s is all about increasing trust, nurturing the sales conversation, orienting and helping your prospects to to opt for your services/products.
The approach leans to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships by delighting clients to generate recurrent purchases and breed brand ambassadors.

Stimulate Interest and Call to Action thanks to Inbound Marketing

Methode Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing Methodology

Performance as the Inbound Marketing Fuel

Inbound Marketing aims to boost the performance of your marketing activities. In fact, the approach helps you to:

  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Educate your potential clients
  • Reduce prospects costs of acquisition
  • Position yourself as a Thought Leader in your field
  • Increase your offer added value
  • Generate an abundant and qualified traffic
  • Improve your brand reputation
  • To gain a lean and sustained growth

Keys Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Compared to traditional marketing, a solid and properly executed Inbound Marketing Strategy presents many benefits:

  • +54% more prospects. (Hubspot)
  • -62% on prospects cost of acquisition. (Hubspot)
  • x10 Marketing profitability. (Gartner)

Attraction Marketing
fueled by an Action Based Methodology

The Inbound Marketing pragmatic methodology is based upon a series of action top fuel the Marketing and Commercial funnel.


Your market includes curious, a group of people naturally interested by your solutions.
The Inbound Marketing aims to attract them to your online assets. To do so, you offer them useful content, interesting and strategically published.



Once the visitors discover and land on your digital assets, they are entering in an acquisition process.
Thus, some of the “curious” folks engage, give you their contact data and convert into Contacts.



Your contacts will be qualified thanks to a serie of marketing activities.
Based upon content engagement and interaction, we can collect useful data to segment by contact problematic and/or needs according.
At this stage, we call them suspects.



Commercial suspects are known contacts who are looking for a solution to solve a clearly defined problematic.
You will educate them by showing them informative content about solutions you obviously offers.
The objective is to be considered a thought leader, to nurture the interest toward your solutions and, finally, prompt a purchasing act.
Engagement on your marketing contents and pieces will help you to identify you prospects.



At this stage, you need your prospects to consider and, finally, choose your solution.
It’s all about having them understand in what, how and why your solutions can properly solve their problematics.
Using a sequential nurturing process, you get to identify your “hottest” prospects.



The prospects most likely to act on their buying need enter in the decision process.
They are accompanied by the sales team who drive the commercial operation.
Marketing actions have allowed you to establish conversation, build a relationship and, above all, prepare the prospect conversion to a client.



The initial contact converted into a client, yet marketing actions must continue. Delivering what has been promised is the very first step to client delightment. Strengthening the client relation is the key to boost both recurrent purchase and experience sharing.
The client becomes a loyal customer and ideally, would tend to become your next brand ambassador.

A Methodology to Integrate Marketing, Sales and Digital

Marketing and sales integration is one of the key success factor of Inbound Marketing. Both department work hand in hand, focusing toward a common objective : your activities growth.

Implementing a 2-ways communication channel between both departments is an absolute necessity. Activating and maintaining an efficient collaboration process is the key to a long lasting success.

We can also count with Automation to increase productivity and profitability. Thus, we can capitalize on digital solutions and orient marketing and sales processes toward performance.

Inbound Marketing, Whom is it for?

Inbound marketing strength settles in its ability to adapt to any organization type, size, activity or resources.

We are convinced that the Inbound Marketing brings added value to every type of company, independently of their domain.

Even better, Inbound Marketing takes benefits of current trends showing online consumers more and more in line to reject intrusive marketing :

  • More than 200 Millions numbers are on the “Do Not Call” lists.
  • Adblock downloads have increased by a 267% since 2013
  • 44% of emails recipients click on Spam button

By broadcasting useful and interesting content, you bring a correct answer to your next users needs. They become actors and consume marketing information only if they want to.
In such Inbound Marketing aims to end with inopportune messaging driven by marketing interruption. We lean forward to a voluntary interaction era.

Interruption is dead, Long life to Interaction!

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