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Reaching Success with Project Management

Reaching Success with Project Management

Managing a project involves defining, finding, organizing and supervising resources to acheive a defined objective in both determined timing and costs. The success of a project comes from the strict implementation of a managing process including the following steps:

  • Project definition in its objectives, scope, deadlines and costs,
  • Tasks and resource identification,
  • Schedule and budget planning
  • Validation,
  • Supervision and coordination of the development,
  • Follow-up and regular information re the development,
  • Finalized product delivery and launch.

These steps are valid for any type of project, and are clearly applicable to technological, marketing, new business/entreprenarial projects.
Soyculto offers his customers his wide expertise in the conduct of these projects, at whatever stage t they are, to drive them to successful terms.

Materializing the projects with success

Soyculto’s main objective is the project success. We and our resources are committed to the success of the task in both time and costs.

By outsourcing the project management, our customers can focus on their main activities without having to be worried about external considerations such as technology aspects or research and management of specialized resources …

Soyculto mediates between the different project actors to reach the proposed objectives in time and agreed costs.

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