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Recreational Marketing & serious games

Recreational Marketing & serious games

Recreational marketing offers new ways of doing marketing. It uses entertainment as a marketing media to target an audience in a more interactive way.

By its recreational marketing solutions , Soyculto offers a distinct and innovative answer to the customers needs.
With objectives such as communication or investigation, Soyculto’s recreational marketing allows to :

  • entertain users,
  • send a message efficiently,
  • collect information on the targeted audience.

The collected information, after analiysis trhough statistics and datamining methods, allows to acheive a high level of accuracy and provides the best business intelligence.

Thanks to the use of serious games and entertainment, Soyculto brings recreational marketing solutions to collect and analyze information directly usable by the most demanding decision-makers.

What is Serious gaming?

Serious Gaming is the Ludomarketing media par excellence.

A serious game uses a recreational or entertaining environment to reach other objectives such as:

  • communicate (advertgame),
  • educate (edugame),
  • train (trainingame).

To acheive your objectives, Soyculto offers serious gaming solutions leading campaigns and consolidating your marketing strategy in the medium and long term.

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