Promoting in Search Engines

Search Engine Marketing or SEM

Search Engine Marketing or SEM

Today, search engines are key elements to promote a website or any online activity. Be present in these tools is no longer an option: it is a requisite!
Search Engine Marketing (SEM), uses specific marketing techniques to promote a website, its contents, products, an activity (etc…) in different online directories and search engines such as Google®, Yahoo!®…

SEM via Sponsored links

SEM uses the well known “sponsored links” programs to promote, in an efficient and oriented way, the advertising message to a targeted audience seeking specific keywords. The Google Adwords®, Yahoo advertising®, (…) paid programs offer solutions to generate traffic and convert it into the forecasdted objective.

A SEM action using sponsored links is highly recommended in contexts such as email marketing contact gathering, online commerce and product sales, or institutional communication…

Flexible costs and ROI Control

The sponsored links solution cost is highly flexible.Mainly, the advertiser is billed on the basis of every click made on an ad. The Pay Per Click (PPC) format is one of the most effective SEM method.

Hence, there are other billing formats such as the Pay Per Thousand o Pay Per Action that prove to be in some cases very suitable otherwise extremely effective.

In any case, the SEM campaigns costs are related to concrete results. Depending on the stated objectives, results are monitored and the Return On Investment (ROI) is evaluated on a regular basis.

Online marketing communication

Summing up to the sponsored links promotion method, SEM proposes to produce and manually insert marketing information in the website as well as the search engines and web directories.

For instance, SEM operates no technical modification of the website (as proposed by Search Engine Optimization -SEO) but proposes content addition and adaptations to optimize the search engine referencing.

SEM Methodology

In order to get an optimized position in the best (if not the most indicated) search engines, Soyculto proposes a five-step methodology:

  1. Objectives definition including the scope, the searched marketing positioning and the competition best practices,
  2. Production of the marketing content (keywords, message, advertisement, supports, discourse…) to be validated,
  3. Content insertion in the website and launch of the sponsored links campaigns,
  4. Submission of the website in search engines and other web directories,
  5. Evaluation, adjustments and maintenance of the marketing contents during a 3 to 6 months period (can be more if necessary).

SEM service requires the set up of a website traffic monitoring system such as Google Analytics®. Results can easily be evaluated.
The SEM action follw up is important to ensure the service continuity and to optimize a long term positioning.

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