Be present in the search engines is now a requesite. However, appear in the best positions is mandatory to outperform the competition and get more traffic and customers.

Improve the position in search engines

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses technical solutions and specific marketing tools to stimulate and automate the indexation of a website and its contents in the various directories and search engine such as Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing®…

SEO proposes to adapt the site architecture, its contents and information in both substance and format, to acheive the best positions in the search results.
The SEO process adds and/or modifies system tools and functions to allow the optimum, systematic and recurrent referencing in search engines and online directories. Unlike the SEM, the SEO is free as long as the process is carried out properly and regularly.

Stimulate content and notoriety

Content is the website basis. An editor directs the content to the selected audience (possibly by using a clear publishing line).
Regular content creation, should it be informative or commercial (product), is one of the key element of SEO.

In order to optimize and reach the best positions in search results, the content has to be:

  • organized,
  • consistent,
  • precise,
  • original,
  • clear,
  • and oriented.

In addition, to get a good search engine evaluation the content must be accessed.
In other words, if a content has a reputation , search engines will position it better and will bring more traffic.

Thus, one of the key SEO action is to promote the content so it gets more reputation. There are many strategies and options to stimulate and manage online notoriety. Link building, SEM or other methods can be combined to support the SEO efforts.

SEO Methodology

To acheive the best referencing in search results, Soyculto proposes a six-step methodology:

  • Full website audit, of its architecture, its technical structure, its contents and publishing processes,
  • Recommendations for optimization solutions and validation,
  • Production of marketing content (discourse, keywords…) and implementation of optimization functions (includes development follow up) ,
  • Website submission in the most common search engines and online directories,
  • Evaluation, adjustments and maintenance of the marketing content and new functions for 3 to 6 months,
  • Training to systematize the SEO process .

The SEO service needs to set up a website traffic monitoring system like Google Analytics® so the results can be evaluated with efficiency. The SEO action follow up is critical to ensure the service continuity and maximize long term referencing.

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