Serious games

Recreational Marketing

The recreational marketing introduces fun as a marketing media. Taking advantage of the favorable opinion generated by the activity, the editor can promote a message more interactively.

The serious games

All-in-One serious gaming solutions

All-in-One serious gaming solutions

Serious games are one of the most innovative media of the recreational marketing. They propose to use the game to reach an additional objective to the sole entertainment. Serious gaming can be useful to communicate (advergame), educate (edugame) or train (trainingame). Its set of benefits makes this media a privileged method to pass on a complex message and make sure it is properly memorized.

Soyculto platform

Soyculto designed and developed a serious gaming platform based on games of questions, questionnaires, trivias and quizzes. This software adds a functionality as it incorporates a system of quality data collection which can be used to produce usefull information and intelligence. Soyculto promotes and sells serious gaming solutions in product format such as the “add-on“, “contest” or “event” campaign.

Serious gaming solutions by Soyculto

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