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Own platform based on trivia/quiz

Trivia, quiz & questionnaires plateform

Soyculto platform based on Trivia, quiz & questionnaires

We developped our own serious gaming platform based on the easy and proven concept of trivia quiz. We sell products and solutions from this exclusive system to:

  • conduct communication campaigns that transmit message effectively,
  • collect quality information to ease the decision making.

Question: base of original, easy and proven concept

Soyculto offers specific games of questions and answers type (trivias) as the famous “trivial pursuit”®.

The proprietary software relies on the multiple choice question with the following format:

  • 1 question,
  • 4 answers,
  • 1 correct,
  • 1 response time.

The very entertaining trivia survey or quiz consists of 10 questions with several themes and levels of dificulties.

The concept, both simple and original, has numerous applications. There are many examples of quizzes usage. We can mention the following examples;

  • VIA®, theBuenos Aires subway media agencia agency proposes it on his TV network,
  • Buquebus® proposes it to the passengers on his digital signage TV…

Scoring system: Measure to extend the concept

A quiz questionnaire is made up of 10 questions with serveral levels of difficulties. The response time is measured, and the answers are evaluated (if necessary).

Every question sums up points based on the level of difficulty and the time spent. The points of every question are added to the questionnaire score.

From a quiz questionnaire to a contest

An unique quiz questionnaire does not identify a specific user profile. As the trivia quiz is very addictive, the player is eager to play another one.
the possibility of playing more through a contest (or other similar system) is an opportunity for the player and the editor of the trivia.

The points acquired by the player during the quiz questionnaires are summed up during the whole period of the competiton. Thanks to the ranking of the players scores, it is possible to award prizes.

The contest takes benefit of the word of mouth, of the traffic generation as well as the precise user profile creation.

Analysis and intelligence generation

Answer, I’ll tell you who you are…

The users, while answering the questionnaires, leave information. Their analysis allows to determine a very precise profile.

The analysis is made on the basis of the answers and the demographic datas. The evaluation takes into account:

  • the subject of the questions,
  • the difficulty,
  • the answer (if correct, incorrect or passed without answering),
  • the response time.

The analysis allows to determine a very precise user profile as it takes into account many dimensions such as:

  • the interest domains,
  • a behavior
  • habits,
  • a prospective evolution

The generated intelligence offers many business opportunities and mid or long term solutions to the decision makers.

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