Serious games & Business intelligence

Serious game from Soyculto

Thanks to its serious gaming platform, specially designed for the collection of  data relevant for the information generation, Soyculto offers its customers more than a marketing transaction. It provides complete business intelligence solutions.

Serious gaming and user profiles

Serious gaming and user profiles

Soyculto serious gaming platform is based on question games, questionnaires, trivias and quizzes. It incorporates a  system of quality data collection  which are processed to produce information and intelligence useful for the editor.

Questions, answers and users profiles

The use of a  serious games allows to collect all necessary data to determine a complete user profile. The Soyculto platform has been developed to meet  this objective. It uses a  recreational system based on questionnaires on many topics. The users, by answering to the questionnaires, leave information. By analyzing the below listed item, it is possible to determine a very specific profile:

  • the question topic,
  • the difficulty,
  • the answer (correct, incorrect or passed without answering),
  • the response time.

Associating the demographic data to the profile and the online behavior, it is possible to identify individually or in group:

  • the areas of interest,
  • a behavior,
  • some habits,
  • a prospective or future evolution

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