Contest campaign

The gaming proposal

Contest campaign: all-in-one serious game

Contest campaign: all-in-one serious game

This product allows to create a contest using serious game to complete an existing communication campaign. The objective is to strngthen the main campaign by adding a recreational dimension thru the organization of a contest.

Benefits of a contest

This product has a flexible cost which is related with the campaign dimension, the size of the promotion and the contracted services.
It allows to have a quick serious gaming solution with the following benefits:

  • Brand revitalization thanks to an innovative campaign,
  • All-in-one Contest,
  • Recurrence of visits and traffic increase,
  • Quality of the collected data,
  • Medium to quick ROI.

Technical and graphic intervention

The “contest” campaign product incorporates a set of interventions ranging from design to the development of all the elements necessary to create and publish an online contest on a website or any existing web-based software.

The product includes the following elements:

  • User interfaces design (according to the corporate graphic guidelines),
  • System of user registration
  • Creation of promotional banners ,
  • Soyculto platform adaptation,
  • Systems linking (gaming and ranking fonctions from the existing system to the soyculto system),
  • Module hosting during the whole campaign ,
  • Definition of campaign tracking reports.

Marketing and intelligence services

In order to offer a complete and coherent solution, the contest product integrates the following marketing and intelligence services:

  • Objective definition,
  • Support for the Contest creation
  • Campaign design
  • Contest rules definition and adaptation,
  • Operational development management,
  • Creaion of the regulation,
  • Support for the Questions creation ,
  • Development of the promotional media plan,
  • Campaign progress reporting,
  • Delivery of the raw collected data.

Options to personalize the solution

As a “all in one” product, the specifications of the campaign constest cover a defined perimeter in their standard version. It is possible to add options to customize the solution:

  • Question selling,
  • Management of the Campaign promotion,
  • Data processing and excecutive summary.

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