Event campaign

The gaming proposal

This product allows to create a serious game based event to develop a complete online communication . The objective is to design a complete campaign and develop an online system with a recreational dimension (thru the organization of a contest or similar).

Benefits of the solution

This product is cost optimum in relation with the dimension of the campaign, the size of the promotion and the subscribed services.
It allows to have a quick serious gaming solution and the following benefits:

  • All-in-one campaign,
  • Revitalization of the brand thanks to an innovative campaign,
  • Recurrence of visits and traffic increase,
  • Processing of collected data,
  • Quick ROI (maximum awareness).

Complete marketing and operative services

In order to offer a complete and coherent solution, the event campaign integrates the following marketing, operative and intelligence services:

  • Objective definition,
  • Contest support creation
  • Campaign design
  • Contest rules definition and adaptation,
  • Operational development management,
  • Rules creation and formalization,
  • Support to questions creation
  • Option : question selling,
  • Campaign promotional operative development,
  • Campaign progress reporting,
  • Delivery of the raw collected data.
  • Campaign promotion,
  • Data processing and executive summary.

Technical and graphical benefits

The event campaign product integrates a full set of benefits from the design to the development of all the necessary elements to create and publish a web-based software with a complete online contest.

The product includes the following elements:

  • Complete event site design and development,
  • User interfaces design (according to the corporate graphic guidelines),
  • System of user registration,
  • Creation of promotion banner,
  • Soyculto platform adaptation,
  • Module hosting during the whole campaign,
  • Definition of the campaign tracking reports.

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