Small & Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are an important engine of economic growth of a country or region. They are also a mayor employment source. So far they do not have the proper level recognition for their role. Many are in difficulties and have problematics due to their size as to their condition.

We understand your problematics

Solutions for SMB growth and problematics solving

Solutions for SMB growth and problematics solving

In Soyculto, we understand precisely these issues, problematics and difficulties that SMB management faces, as we have encountered them in our entrepreneur life. We also rely on teams who have worked in small and medium companies, and who understand various issues and problematics such as:

  • Lack of financial, productive or operational resource,
  • Difficulty to generate more sales or more margin, or both,
  • Lack of information (accounting, business, economics …) to take better decisions,
  • Concentration (exhausting) of responsibilities in the hands of management,
  • Reduced (commercial) visibility on original or new markets,
  • Difficulty to find middle management to delegate,
  • Lack in the organization or the processes,
  • Complication to project to mid and long terms,
  • Tools obsolescence,
  • Reduced productivity

Soyculto proposes to its SMB customers a wide range of solutions to help them to grow, to solve their issues and upcome their competition.

We bring you solutions to grow.

We target family (or not) SMB, new or mature SMB, stagnating or growing SMB to offer individual growing solutions. In such we can intervene on the following fields (the below list is not exhaustive):

  • Business development:

    • Demand generation from the customer and prospect bases,
    • New markets evaluation and opening,
    • Opportunities and/or potential customers identification,
    • Commercial efficiency optimization (including pre- and post- sales),
    • Communication tools development / re-formulation…
  • Organization

    • Operational processes: evaluation, set up, improvement,
    • Productivity and resources restructuring and optimization,
    • recruitment / training,
    • Actions and/or operations planning,
    • Information systems and monitoring dashboards
  • Strategy

    • Evaluation and improvement ot the solutions/products portfolio and positioning
    • Business intelligence and market study,
    • Competitive analysis (local and extra-local),
    • Business model evaluation and (re)definition,
    • Business plan definition,
    • Corpotate image development or improvement…
  • Finances

    • Active/passive and activity analysis to detect areas of improvement,
    • Cost structure optimization and/or reduction,
    • Cash-flow and financing plans evaluation,
    • Investment analysis and planning,
    • Company valuation and capital search

Personalized turnkey solutions for you

To meet your specific SMB issues, Soyculto has developed turnkey solutions, easy to set up, reasonably priced and with quick results.

We bring you practical solutions and personalized services with the double objective of helping the business growth and optimizing the “return on investment” (ROI).
Day after day, Soyculto is committed to providing its expertize to its SMB customers and to making their missions a success.

We work direct with the company management (marketing, sales or general) or jointly with external service providers to acheive the objectives of our missions.

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