Social Media Marketing aims at using social medias and online communities as a means of promotion and/or communication .

Marketing en Medios Sociales SMM & SMO

SMM & SMO: Social Media Marketing & Optimization

The objective is to:

  • stimulate the adhesion of an audience to a message, brand or product,
  • to create a fan group (community),
  • who will appropriate the message and take part ,
  • and forward it to their social network,
  • and therefore increase adhesion…

Encourage and facilitate adhesion

SMM helps the users to adhere to the message.

One of the most illustrative message adhesion tool is with no doubt the famous “Become a fan” or “Become a friend” that Facebook® offers. In In this case, each user subscribes to a concept (which can be either a brand or a message) in becoming his “friend”.

There are other methods to encourage adhesion but most of them rely on the following 3 SMM pillars:

  • intrinsic interest (created and percieved value)
  • simplicity (of access and use)
  • vitality ( mouth to ear…)

Generate appropriation

One Part of the marketing actions proposed in SMM aims at generating the message appropriation.

Community members appropriate the message on receiving it, but more important in interacting with it and possibly, in creating it.

Once again, the 3 SMM pillars are critical to generate a better and more efficient appropriation.

Allow transmission

SMM power resides in the possibility offered to each user to become promoter of the message.

Community members can (and are encourage to do so) share experiences they had with the brand, the product or even the system. Besides, they will be able to share the message with their friends and relations, including any unknown individuals who have common interests.

Every one becomes the message, brand and product referent or ambassador to his personal network. Consequently, the promotion effort is really significant.

SMO: Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an additional discipline to SMM. It aims at incorporating tools and features on the website to stimulate adhesion, appropriation (and sharing) or transmission.

An efficient SMO Strategy provides ease of user interaction operations. In additon, it promotes the content circulation by inserting tagging description methods and/or linkeability improvement…

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