Build the user profile and segment

The determination of a user or target profile depends on the posibility that is possible to associate to him. The observation of his behavior, his actions or decisions are as many information as necessary to built a profile.
The more information, the more precise will be the built profile.

User profile and segmentation

User profile and segmentation

In order to complete a profile, it is important to position it inside a group. The categorization or segmentation is done on socio-demographic variables and/or:

  • the tastes or areas of interests,
  • a behavior,
  • some habits,
  • the beliefs…

While observing these variables, the time dimension gets crucial. However, over time, it is possible to use the profile information to fine tune the accuracy of the operations and collecting campaigns. As a consequence the profile and segmentations get more precise.

Use and generate market information

To make a marketing operation is an oportunity to:

  • use the information held in the organization to better target the audience,
  • collect new information to increase the knowledge of the external environment and improve the segmentation.

The business audit and diagnostic allow to identify the key information inside and outside the organization. In this process, solutions are proposed to improve the information quality and quantity.

Today, the information technologies bring all the required interactivity to collect more external data and then generate and use the information.

Soyculto,unlike a traditional agency, develops interactive marketing solutions that allow the constant generation of information for an improved segmentation.

Case: Interactive marketing and online behavior

The interactive marketing (email, web-based…) offers the possibility to transmit a message to an audience and to collect data from this audience. Taking advantage from the information technologies, the online marketing allows to know precisely the users of an online service thanks to:

  • the navegation follow up,
  • the assessment of their actions,
  • the use of the proposed services

By analyzing the saved data, it is possible to built a very precise online behavior. By associating this behavior to demographics and offline behavior data, we can complete a user profile and obtain the necessary intelligence to segment and improve the decision making process

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